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The south will rise anew

Vote Democrat Justin Jones 
Primary August 1,
General Election November 5

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Justin Jones is an activist, organizer, legislator, representative, minister, community leader, environmentalist, and gun violence prevention advocate deeply committed to doing the justice work required to move Tennessee and our nation forward.

Justin is a tireless fighter for collective liberation and is deeply embedded in a tradition of resistance that comes from his familial and movement ancestors who ground and guide his work.

Justin was elected in 2022 to represent the people of District 52, a culmination of years of advocacy work around Medicaid expansion, racial justice, police accountability, and the Green New Deal.

Justin was expelled from the Tennessee legislature, daring to put purpose before title, and bringing a moral conscience to the deliberative process which puts the lives of kids against the proliferation of firearms.

Justin is a leader for the next generation and the next several to come, and brings past, present, and future into the halls of power with him.

Justin Jones is a relentless fighter for the dignity of all Tennesseans and an unapologetic voice for a South that will RISE ANEW!

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